Online Catalogue

Welcome to our online catalogue.

We have put the various Simon Drew products into categories and listed them in the menu down the lefthand side of this page.

Click on any category that interests you and have a look at the designs. The titles usually come first in a table, followed by numbered illustrations.

Once you’ve chosen which items you’d like to order (and noted the reference numbers) then you’re ready to click on ’ORDER NOW’ to get to the Simon Drew Secure Order Form.

We hope that you have fun browsing – but remember that any member of our team is happy to answer questions about the products and how to order if you ‘phone the Simon Drew Gallery on 01803 832832.

(If you’re particularly (un)lucky, you might even get Simon himself on the line – and then you can demand to know how his brain works to devise these witticisms and drawings……..or just commiserate with him over his eccentric view of the world.


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